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“Death and Daisies” : A Book Review

Death and Daisies Book Jacket
Death and Daisies by Amanda Flower

There was something much more relatable to within the story of “Death and Daisies” than the other cozy mysteries I’ve read.

Now, I don’t need a book to have characters I can personally relate to in order to love the book. But when it does happen, it creates a different kind of mental bond while I’m reading.

Fiona is trying to make her way in a new country while her family is less than thrilled about it. And, just because they all technically speak the same language in her new home, the barriers are real.

The immigration makes up a relatively small part of the book. A large part was the flower shop opening. I appreciated that she was facing some real challenges. I believe that some other writers might have taken a hand-wavy approach to this kind of shop opening and made it seem like starting a business is super easy when you are a basically good person.

The magic garden was a tantalizing place and idea that I wish had played a larger role. While the book is very clear that the garden has magical properties, the perception of the garden seemed to play a larger role than the garden itself.

I was left wanting to see more of the story happening in the garden. But with Fiona opening a new shop it made sense that the story might focus more of the action in town.

Overall, I enjoyed the novel and would read future books in the series. Who actually “did the deed” left very little impression on me compared to the characters themselves and the setting which is fine by me.

I appreciate that NetGalley provided me with a copy of the book to review. I don’t believe this changed my opinion of the novel any more than if I had checked the book out of my local library.

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