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“White Hot”: A Book Review

I bought “White Hot” when it was released without even reading the jacket. Ilona Andrews is one of my favorite authors right now. So much so, that I won’t buy Andrews’ books online if I can avoid it, or get it from a library. I get my lazy butt to a local bookstore, talk to people and buy a physical book off a shelf in the hopes that my voting dollars will keep them writing and in stores.


There is a combination of annoyance with myself that I waited this long to read it and happiness that I had an awesome book to read on a recent trip with long plane rides. I was so into the story that I didn’t even bother trying to hide the kinda steamy cover art. On a side note, Andrews’ art has never resonated with me like the writing does but I can appreciate what they are trying to do with it.

This is a romance book and while I don’t see myself as a big romance reader, I have to get over that part. But there is so much story, fantasy, and character exposition that it doesn’t tip over into totally gratuitous romance.

As a current Houston resident, I thought the use of the city’s roadways and districting was spot on. I appreciate that they took the time to superimpose the supernatural onto a city I can picture from memory rather than creating a new or significantly altered city for the fantasy setting.

If it wasn’t obvious, I loved this book. If you’ve read “Burn for Me” and enjoyed it even a little then this one is worth a read. Don’t wait a year like I did. My consolation is that I have “Wildfire” right beside me to dig into next.

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