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“Terminal Alliance”: A Book Review

Terminal Alliance was a fun read with more poop jokes than I thought possible in a novel that I would ever enjoy.

The premise is so ridiculous that trying to nitpick at it would be futile. It combines a zombie apocalypse with advanced alien civilizations and then picks the head janitor on a spaceship as the main character.

If the book took itself too seriously it would be insufferable. Instead, it had me laughing out loud at jokes about various bodily fluids from aliens of all sorts.

On a separate thread, I enjoyed having a sci-fi novel with a female protagonist that didn’t have some kind of romance in it. The main character could have been of any gender or orientation and I don’t think it would have changed the book. That doesn’t mean it’s a G rated book, but the main character is not significantly motivated by a romantic relationship.

I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for something fun and doesn’t mind getting a bit dirty, mentally.

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