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“Rituals”: A Book Review

RitualsI alternated between speed reading and tip toeing from page to page in Rituals. Anytime I end a series I enjoyed so much it is bittersweet. I know I’m not unique in that thought. But, the last 50 pages really did takes me days to get through as I’d just nip at the end of this story, not willing to let it go.

As I look back on the whole series the first and last novels are the ones that really stand out. The middle three might not be my all time favorites but they got from from A to Z and that justifies their existence and the time spent reading them in every sense.

There is a lot to spoil here if I were to write about any of the plot and I would be loathe to spoil this story for anyone. All I can say is that if you enjoyed the first novel or even think it might be a novel you might enjoy, grab it, grab them all, and keep reading!

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